Terms & Policies

General Information related

Your visit and activity concerned with the website obliges you to be bound by the stipulated privacy policy which should concern your personal information and related activity. The purview of the information is classified and is both personal and non-personal in nature. The information collected will include mandatory and voluntary sections depending on the user discretion which is notified during the process of submitting such information to the website.

Personal information, when specified shall include, yet not universally limited to details such as your name, address, contact details including verified E – mail & telephone and details to determine legal eligibility such as age and gender. All users are required to furnish such information which is essentially required to complete any engagement process which may include, yet may not be limited to the registration and payment processes. The personal information you provide shall be used by ‘Milanjyothi’ to facilitate better user experience based on the preferred choices by the user. The communication details you provide will be stored and used to track your participation and activity on the website. Such information will be used by the authorized individuals to contact you to update you with the relevant information as and when applicable.

You are provided with the options under the legal provisions of your county to restrict or stop the communication. The policy statement regarding the personal information will be reviewed and updated on the website, all users are advised to refer to the policy statement on their own interest as such updates are not communicated to individuals. Your personal information will be shared with the respective authorities as per the stipulated legal policies in case of any initiated or ongoing legal enquiry which involves your information.

‘Milanjyothi’ continues to work towards making the user experience more effective. In this process, the encrypted system would collect the information related to your visit to the website and your interface behavior during the time you spend on the website. Our programmed applications may capture your interface & platform preferences including operating systems, browser types and the duration of your stay and visited pages during your stay. This is meant for analytical and statistical purpose with business implications for the website. Such statistical date is shared with the registered partners, investors, sponsors and technical affiliates who are involved with the policy decision making besides the business engagement. ‘Milanjyothi’ servers will collect your information indirectly during your visit to the website. This information could be precisely through cookies and be treated as anonymous. Such information is not linked to the personal information provided by the user to the website either through the registration process or through any form of entering the personal data or information. Cookies are generally accepted by the browsers used by the users to access the website and various pages through navigation. It is up to the users’ discretion weather to change the browser settings on the computer used to visit the website. However, settings unfriendly to cookies may be unfriendly for the user experience too. Users may not be able to access the complete features on the website if the cookies are completely disabled.

‘Milanjyothi’ entertains advertisements from the third party service providers along with the products and service information provided for the users. Users are informed that the third party service providers will collect the information about the users visit and behavioral patterns as applicable. This information is purely anonymous and not intended to collect any personal information which identifies any particular user in specific.

A log file is maintained by ‘Milanjyothi’ website and servers which collect and collate the information which includes IP address, browser types, internet service provider and any relevant information with is not personal.

Personal Information Related

All the users are expected to provide their personal information including the E – Mail, Mobile & Phone No, Address for communication and any related personal information in order to obtain complete access to the products and services offered by ‘Milanjyothi’ website. The personal information provided by the user is precisely used to communicate with the respective user regarding the services and new updates from the website. These updates are automated and can be personalized communications based on any specific requirement. Your personal information will be used to communicate with your regarding any change in the Terms of Engagement which is essential for your knowledge as the user of ‘Milanjyothi’ website. Apart from helping you to stay connected and experience familiarity, we use the users’ personal information to invite them to participate in surveys, contests and routine feedback process. Personal information is used to preserve the exclusivity of the website and respond to any judicial process which may involve all the users of the website or any specific user in particular. The users’ personal information is used to resolve queries, complaints and offer clarification pertaining to the products and services offered by ‘Milanjyothi’. Information exchange to the third party service providers is the sole discretion of the users. All users must acknowledge that any abuse or circulation of such information by the third party service providers will not be monitored by ‘Milanjyothi’ and the website or the company shall not be liable for the same.

‘Milanjyothi’ may disclose information in a cumulative manner for the review and statistical purpose. ‘Milanjyothi’ will be obliged to share the users’ personal information in case of such information being demanded by the statutory and legal authorities; the website or the company will not be obliged to intimate the users in such situations and shall not be held responsible for such activities. All users must understand and acknowledge that ‘Milanjyothi’ is not liable for any leak of the information by the external elements including hacking activities and legal obligations though the company would implement all the necessary measures to prevent such unfortunate events.

‘Milanjyothi’ with operate through an external agency which is also a third party service provider to facilitate online payment of products and services offered through the website. Users are advised to apply discretion in proceeding with the payment which involves personal information. Such information is collected by the agency facilitating the payment process. Users are advised to thoroughly read through such agencies terms of usage and proceed with payments accordingly. Users must acknowledge that ‘Milanjyothi’ shall not be held liable for any misuse of misrepresentation of their personal information shared to these agencies.

Security Related

‘Milanjyothi’ takes all the necessary measures to incorporate the security norms as per the standard industrial protocols and practices. The company ensures stringent practices in managing the secured servers and designing the encrypted code. However, the website or the company do not assure and completely guarantee the users from any mishap or breach of security event from occurring where by causing any damage to the users’ privacy or any other related aspect. All users acknowledge that ‘Milanjyothi’ will not be held responsible or liable when any such event arises as the users understand that accessing and using the website is solely the users discretion and understand the risk associated with the same.

Public Disclosure

‘Milanjyothi’ discloses the personal information of any user in specific or the complete users information in aggregate when recommended or demanded by any recognized legal or statutory agency in India with a valid authorization. All users understand and acknowledge that such sharing or disclosure of user personal information is neither a breach of privacy nor an event eligible for any legal action against the company or the website. The users’ personal information will also be disclosed to the authorized management personnel of ‘Milanjyothi’ for the purposes of reviewing, upgrading and evaluating business related aspects. All such authorized personnel shall be trained on the privacy laws and submit the undertaking against the breach of any code or protocol as per the norms and laws of privacy.

User Discretion and General Aspects

All users are expected to use their discretion in providing any personal information to the website or any third party service provider during their visit to the website ‘Milanjyothi’. User discretion is the right and responsibility of every user. All users acknowledge the risk associated with the online shopping and payment transactions where by acknowledge that ‘Milanjyothi’ is neither liable nor responsible to respond to any of the complaints or legal actions by the users or the users representatives as per the discretion exercised by the user or users themselves.

All the users understand and acknowledge that the personal information will be shared across nations where ever the online transactions take place and where ever the representatives or agents of ‘Milanjyothi’ operate from. Terms related to privacy and personal information are applicable uniformly across the globe. In the countries and provincials where there are specific terms of privacy and personal information sharing are applicable, ‘Milanjyothi’ operates taking those terms in to consideration in addition to the disclosed terms and conditions on the website.

All claims and legal aspects will be within the Jurisdiction of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India as per the Indian corporate and consumer laws based on the cyber protocols defined by the Governments of India and Tamil Nadu from time to time.

Terms of Sale

General Aspects

Terms of Sale specifies the contract details between the user and the website ‘Milanjyothi’ covering the company sponsoring the website and all the personal involved with the company and defined process where the undertaking is mandatory. Any user visiting the website will be bound by these terms of sale automatically. It’s the users’ responsibility to read the terms of sale before proceeding with any payment or order placement. All users understand and acknowledge that ‘Milanjyothi’ is neither responsible nor liable for any aspect of sale which satisfies the terms of sale specified in this section. Neither the user nor user’s representative will complain or initiate legal action within the scope of these terms of sale.

‘Milanjyothi’ and the company responsible for the website will have the right and discretion to change the terms of sales and update clauses under this section. All users understand and acknowledge that the terms of sales are applicable which are published at the time of transaction / payment or order placement. Users are responsible to keep track on the terms of sale as the company or the website will not essentially communicate any change or update in the terms of sales in a personalized manner.

Business Related

Users of ‘Milanjyothi’ understand and acknowledge that the website is a business platform and will facilitating the display of products and services from different vendors for sale and delivery of the same. The placement and display of any product or service is based on the discretion of the website and the company as per the vendor agreements. Users are given access through the registration process after fulfilling the required norms of the website. Users can browse through the website for products and services available and purchase the same online. Users also understand that ‘Milanjyothi’ is an online store which showcases many brands from different vendors based on its own discretion. The website shall have the reserved rights to delete, add or alter the products and services solely as per the company’s discretion without any notice which will not be responsible to notify to any user of the website.

Products & Services

Through the website ‘Milanjyothi’ the company provides various products based on the agreements with the vendors. Users understand and acknowledge that the sale and purchase of these products are as per the terms of sale and any other terms specified by the respective vendors of the specific products.

All products on sale through ‘Milanjyothi’ shall be covered by the standard warranty terms which are defined by the respective vendors. In case of any warranty provided by the seller, ‘Milanjyothi’ will notify to the users at the time of purchase. All the products related complaints as per the warranty norms shall be referred to the respective vendors and ‘Milanjyothi’ will not entertain any such complaint or query from the users.

‘Milanjyothi’ provides shipping services to all the users. Shipping services are applicable only to the addresses with in India. Shipping charges if any will be specified at the times of purchase. All products are open for the users to facilitate the cash on delivery service. In case of cash on delivery, users are advised to pay by cash only at the time of delivery. In case the user wants to pay by credit / debit card or online banking facilities, the shipping mode would be the discretion of the company based on the prevailing situations which will be communicated to the user along with the dispatch details.

All users understand and acknowledge that the services on ‘Milanjyothi’ are applicable based on the age norms, hence the users are advised to obtain the services after declaring that they are legally eligible to obtain any service offered by the website. Users should take the complete responsibility of utilizing the services offered by the website and shall not hold the company or the website responsible or liable for any of their actions related to the services offered by ‘Milanjyothi’. Users understand and acknowledge that no refund shall be made by the company for any reason unless it is proved to be a void transaction due to the system error.

Pricing, Offers and Vouchers

‘Milanjyothi’ constantly works towards providing the best possible process for various brands across the seasons. Our commitment to the users is to provide best possible deals, however, the company or the website will not assure or guarantee to the users to be providing the lost price on any product or service compared to other platforms and shops. All users understand and acknowledge that the website is a competitive website to provide best deals to the users; this includes the claims through various advertisement campaigns through different platforms. Advertisements released by the company authorize competitive behavior in the branding perspective and may not have accurate reflection on the price every time on every product.

‘Milanjyothi’ releases offers and discounts through print, visual, broadcasting and online media which are time bound and applicable to selected products. The website will not guarantee the availability of the product to all the users all the time including the time when such offers and discounts are valid. The company and the website reserve all rights to recall or cancel such offers and discounts on any grounds which are justifiable to the company without any notice given to the users.

‘Milanjyothi’ encourages the users to purchase vouchers which are specific to certain seasons, products and services. All such vouchers are bound by the additional terms and conditions which are associated with the vouchers, products and the authorized vendors providing those vouchers.

Credit Card Related Transactions

For the convenience of the users, ‘Milanjyothi’ facilitates payments online through reputed payment gateway providers. Such payment gateways facilitate the usage of the Credit Cards based in the norms and protocols issued by the companies or banks issuing such Credit Cards. The payment gateway will neither save nor circulate the Credit Card details in any circumstances. However, the users are advised to exercise discretion when providing their Credit Card information. All users understand and acknowledge that providing the Credit Card details is the sole discretion of the users and ‘Milanjyothi’ as a company or website shall not be held responsible or liable for any damage caused or any consequences arising due to the users sharing the Credit Card information on the payment gateway engaged by the company or website.